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Exclusive Services

At LT Fobi Law, you'll find exclusive services that can help give you peace of mind and will allow you to live a more present and meaningful life. Together, we will ensure that your loved ones and the life you've built are taken care of according to your wishes, without government intervention. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, LT Fobi Law can provide a business structure that safeguards your interests and succession, so you can focus on substance and growth.

Trust & Estate Plans

My goal is to reduce the stress and paperwork during times of grief. The LT Fobi Law Estate Plan provides the essential documents to ensure that you and your loved ones are cared for how you want, and not by default State law. A Revocable Living Trust can further simplify the distribution of your assets quickly and privately, outside of Probate Court.

Small Business Set Up

& Compliance

The LT Fobi Law Corporate Plan provides for the complete and quick set up of your business so you can easily start a new venture or establish a safe place to hold your real estate and other assets. As a client, you'll have access to a secure client portal, ongoing legal protection and compliance, and a plan for business succession.

À la carte Services

LT Fobi Law provides the legal services needed to build, protect, and secure your assets for generations. Whether you need a simple Will, Power of Attorney, Operating Agreement, Deed, or something else, I can help.


& Estate Administration

Serving as the Court appointed Legal Representative of an estate or the Trustee of a long term Trust can be a daunting and time-consuming task. LT Fobi Law can help you navigate the process of identifying, collecting, and properly distributing a loved one's assets, as well as managing any debts and obligations. I can help ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

Intellectual Property

LT Fobi Law can protect your brand in this age of digital business and marketing and will ensure that you remain compliant with all US Patent and Trademark Office requirements.


LT Fobi Law can provide legal representation and guidance for the probate of a loved one's estate. If you have been nominated to be the Legal Representative of an estate, I can help you with the necessary court filings, resolving familial disagreements, and transferring assets in a timely manner.

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